Glow-Worm Micron PCB Reliability?

I've just had the PCB go in my glow-worm micron 50FF boiler.
I've ordered a replacement and a new thermistor (as I've read about
not changing the thermistor can knacker the new PCB). The replacement
part # is 2000801990.
Can anyone comment on the latest version of this PCB's reliability? Is
this revision reliable, or is it likely to go again before the life of
the boiler expires? The boiler was fitted when the house was buillt in
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In message , Jon writes
It's more reliable than the manufacturers old pcb ,
It is less reliable than one we have reconditioned
apart from reflowing the joints, there are 7 capacitors we replace on the pcb which are responsible for most of the faults
The new version suffers significantly from the PICs failing
Be also aware that failure is also caused by water leaking onto the pcb, this can also be terminal
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