Climate Change: Effective Communication Course

Thursday 18th November, 2010
St. Ethelburga=92s (78 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N4AG)
95% of participants on the last course thought the quality of training
to be =91Excellent=92.
=91Very informative, thought provoking and valuable event.=92
Cameron Adams (The Environment Agency)
=93A really useful source of hints and tips for communicating to diverse
audiences with confidence.=94
David Walton (Suffolk Climate Partnership)
=93Very enjoyable with a good mixture of information and practical
discussion and participation.=94
Lisa Green (National Trust)
95% of participants on the last course thought the quality of the
training to be =91Excellent=92
The Course:
This popular course is regularly updated to take in developing issues
and concerns. It recognises the need to communicate positive futures
as well as significant problems.
You do not need to be an expert or a scientist:you do need to be good
at talking, presenting and listening. Work will be done in small
groups to build your confidence and ensure the course meets your
The training session will cover:
- Why good communication of climate change is so important.
- Ways to answer the difficult questions around current climate change
issues and data.
- Learn about target audiences, key drivers and current segmentation
- Communicating with people in different situations: persuading
colleagues =96 lobbying situations =96 talking to friends =96 working with
business =96 addressing a large audience.
- Engaging and communicating with diverse organisations.
- Practice delivering persuasive messages and a chance to receive
Who should attend this training?
This course is for anyone who is keen to get people active on climate
change. Whether you are a local authority, charity or business
advocating action on climate change, or an individual talking to your
peers, this course will teach you the core skills to effectively get
your message across.
Cost (per person)
=A3288: Large charities, public sector and businesses
=A3130: Smaller charities (under 8 staff) and independent consultants
Concessionary price for students, pensioners and unemployed. Please
send =A320 cheque to Talk Action, The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles
Square, London N1 6HT
Prices include a vegan/vegetarian lunch, Fair Trade refreshments and
networking time.
Tailored courses can be arranged for groups at a date and location to
suit you.
The Facilitator:
Chris Church has worked in the voluntary sector and as a consultant
for over 25 years. He is an experienced advisor on community and
sustainable development issues, with a wide range of experience at
international, national, and community level. He is an associate of
the Community Development Foundation and a member of the London
Sustainable Development Commission. Chris is chair of the UK Local
Carbon Communities Network.
Chris has previously worked with the Community Sector Coalition, the
National Trust, BTCV, Defra, Groundwork, the European Union TACIS
programme, Surfers Against Sewage and many local councils. He is
trained as a teacher and has been developing and running training
programmes for 22 years.
For bookings and information please contact:
Talk Action
formatting link

Tel: 020 7324 4774
The venue is fully accessible with wheelchair-accessible lavatory
facilities and a hearing loop.
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Talk Action
Sounds like you want a tame audience wanting to learn the appropriate mantras to recite ad nauseum until folks become saturated!
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Just got round to listening to the podcast of "Costing the earth" talking about what the lawyers are getting up to (particularly in the USA, but even here too).
Like, "We got flooded by Katrina, so let's sue energy companies on the grounds that they know they are emitting carbon dioxide and hence damaging my environment".
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...and if you are you needn't apply.
hold on, this is aimed at people who 'arent scientists' ie dont know their subject, and youre teaching them how to convince others of the b- llocks they believe
so people as above, that dont know much but want to teach the world
ie 'I'm a bit short on clues, but I know what I'm talking about.' Arent there enough already in the world?
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We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember Talk Action saying something like:
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Grimly Curmudgeon
99% of participants were Arts & English students.
5% of participants spent the entire time criticising the grammar and talking about Pride & Prejudice...
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You are charging people £288 each to learn how to argue the case for global warming? - if it had any merit of it's own it wouldn't require an army of sychphants to hawk it to the unconverted.
Also, why does your seminar only serve vegetarian/vegan food and 'fair trade' refreshments? - I would expect roast swan and dolphin sweetmeats for 288 quid, washed down with South African wine personally flown in by Winnie Mandella
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Phil L
Presumably, as a scientist, you are capable of making a fair and balanced assessment of that science, and the result of that assessment is "bollocks"? Consequently you are well qualified to convince us of your belief.
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Paul, I have no axe to grind, but I must ask: Are you quite sure you're aware of what you have typed there?
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David Paste

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