Cavity wall insulation

We had our house done about 3 to 5 years ago and the day it was done, I
took a temp reading of the gable wall as they did it. I took another
reading the following day (it was just as cold outside) and the wall
temp was 9 degrees warmer.
Is it possible that the fibers have settled and we are letting the cold
back through that wall?
Reason I ask, is that I use butter on my bread and through the cold snap
a few weeks ago, I couldn't spread it. Even last week when the temp was
about 5 degrees I could feel cold when I opened a cupboard door on that
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Have you taken into account the time of day and other conditions? I.E. was the sun on that wall during the second reading and not for the first, was it cloudier etc?
Have you taken into account who did the work? Were they reputable? If not they may have done nothing whatsoever or worse, damaged the exterior wall allowing more heat out and cold in.
Get someone reputable to carry out any major works on your property. Word of mouth is best, and you can take this recommendation as such. Try
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Two and a half years in operation and so far, extremely few complaints from customers.
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Noted, understood and will do so.
When I took the temp measurement it was at the same time of day and there would have been the same amount of sun on the wall due to that. It was a very cold time, so there would have been no clouds about.
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