Bath taps

I recently stayed in a travel lodge near Edinburgh which had a useful
bath and shower tap. The left control rotated up to vary output from
the shower head and down through the off point to then provide output
to the bath taps. The right hand control was a simple thermostatic
mixer with a temperature scale marked.
I suspect such a device requires high (mains) water pressure to work?
I have a vented system with a cold water tank and a hot water cylinder
feeding the bath with about 2.5m head, would a booster pump on both H
& C work this sort of mixer?
If so can anyone recommend a mixer like this?
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Thermostatic bath shower mixer taps are now not much more than £100, there are models which can work well on low pressure supplies. However in general a thermostatic mixer will tend to require high pressure supplies to work well. This is in part due to the fact that they are fitted with non-return valves in the inlets these take about 0.1-0.2 bar to open.
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Ed Sirett

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