Who do I complain to?

All we can do is adapt. If you're buying the idea that we're going to control the earth's climate I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. There's also this big statue in New York Harbor that you might like, I give you special price, today only.
Hell, a single decent volcanic eruption puts out more CO2 than the human race has in its entire history. I personally will not lift a finger or change one aspect of my life to accomodate the global warming hucksters and their wacko religion.
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Roger Blake
let me know because I'll let everyone know that from then on to refer to you as "God". ^_^
The first thing you need to know about Earth's orbit and its effect on climate change is that orbital phases occur over tens of thousands of years, so the only climate trends that orbital patterns might help explain are long-term ones.
Even so, looking at Earth's orbital cycles can still offer some invaluable perspective on what is happening in the short term. Most notably, you might be surprised to learn that Earth's current warming trend is happening in spite of a relatively cool orbital phase. It's therefore possible to better appreciate the high degree that anthropogenic warming must be taking place in contrast.
The immediate lesson in all of this is that there must be more to Earth's average temperature than can be explained through orbital phases. But a secondary lesson also lurks: Anthropogenic global warming, which climate scientists overwhelmingly believe is the prime culprit in our current warming trend, is at least powerful enough in the short term to counteract a relatively cool orbital phase. It's a fact that should at least give us pause to consider the profound effect that humans can have on the climate even against a backdrop of Earth's natural cycles.
now of course we don't have to change the Earths orbit to affect a positive change on climate warming...unless of course you don't believe in greenhouses
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Have you read this article:
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Climate change not so global
The University of Queensland study showed that future climate changes may impact differently in the two hemispheres, meaning a generalised global approach isn't the solution to climate issues.
"This study reverses previous findings which suggested that New Zealand's glaciers disappeared at the same time as ice in the Northern Hemisphere," he said.
"We showed that when the Northern Hemisphere started to warm at the end of the last ice age, New Zealand glaciers were unaffected.
"New Zealand glaciers responded largely to local changes in the Southern Ocean, rather than changes in the Northern Hemisphere as was previously believed," Professor Shulmeister said.
"This study highlights the need to understand regional climate rather than a global one-size-fits-all."
Most people emphasize climate change as being a global event caused by the same underlying issues. This article points to climate change being regional in nature.
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to use a contrived crisis to take control of business, industry and the lives
of the citizenry through the force of law at the point of a gun so the elite
Commiecrats and their friends will make a lot of money and live like kings
while the only peasants sacrifice and wind up with a lower standard of living.
I wrote this unlike your copy and past drivel. Try harder. ^_^
first you post that the climate of the earth exists (in long cycles) so that seems to be admitting that climate change is happening, and much faster than your far-fetched orbital change...but it doesn't matter what's causing it, what matters is dealing with it. For the oligarch conservatives that will mean building more nuke power plants to run their airconditioners while the peasants scrounge thru their garbage for the leftover caviar and kobe beef
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You global warming hucksters are the deniers and liers. You run faked and massaged data (original data is conveniently lost) though faulty computer simulations and wind up with 2+2=5. (And volcanoes do emit massive amounts of CO2.) Human activity is only about 4% of natural sources overall.
If we assume everything that comes out of a Warmist's mouth is a lie, most of the time that will be the correct assumption. I do everything in my power to *increase* my carbon footprint.
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Roger Blake
You're the one posting DRIVEL. What government payroll are YOU on?
I have had considerable experience with environmentalist scum going back nearly 50 years. The vast majority are lying filth using "the environment" as a vehicle for pushing their agenda of radical social change and government empowerment. I know this from my own experiences inside the early environmental movement, your lies not withstanding.
Every once in a while you do get an honest one, such as the father of modern climate science, Reid Bryson, who declared the idea of human-caused global warming to be "a bunch of hooey."
To really understand the issue you need to ignore the lies coming from environmentalists, Warmists, and statists -- instead follow the money and the power. In fact it can be argued that any "facts" coming out of government "studies" should be considered suspect a priori due to conflict of interest. Government is a criminal enterprise whose primary purpose is the acquisition of wealth and power via coercion and violence. (The vote does not change this essential nature - elected gangsters are still gangsters.) The fabricated "global warming/climate change" issue is made to order for the purpose of furthering these goals and increasing the size and scope of the State.
Also note that none of the people people pushing this nonsense act themselves like there is any kind of crisis going on. They continue to jet around the globe for conferences where they are ferried around in fleets of fossil-fuel hungry SUVs and limos, and frequently live in lavish homes that use as much energy as entire middle-class subdivision. I really had to laugh when that imbecile John Kerry declared refrigeration and air conditioning to be as big a threat as ISIS. What a load of manure. I'd be willing to bet that HE is not giving up HIS refrigeration and air conditioning as a result.
That's what it's all about - oppressive rules and sacrifice to be implemented based on the lies of environmentalists and Warmists are for the little people.
I'm not buying it and will continue to seek ways to increase my so-called "carbon footprint." Increased carbon footprint == increased prosperity.
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Roger Blake
you must be really hurting if you have to use your typical conservative need to call people names when you feel the need to attack my nym...are they adjusting your meds incorrectly?
the climate changes daily.
Climate doesn't change daily, weather does...do try to learn the difference
There is an old saying here in Alabamastan,"If you don't like the weather, stick around, it will change."
The overall climate of the Earth changes on its own,
but you've already said the overall climate change is due to orbital mechanics, now you are becoming a Gaia supporter?
mankind has nothing to do with it. Mankind is a flea on Mother Earth's ass and if she gets irritated,
she can scratch us out of existence. The tsunamis that hit Japan and other nations in the region are a
good example along with volcanoes of how we have NO control of the overall environment of the Earth.
so we should just ignore tsunamis and let people build in flood plains and right up to the oceans edge?
When you can prove to me that you can control the climate of our planet, I'll believe you. ^_^
Okay, I have a can of gas and a flare, I'll take them into the forest nearest you and light them up, I guarantee that the "climate" will change for you the next day
In the meantime, as I've repeatedly said, it's important to deal with the changes and try to prevent them
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You can't teach an old dog/redneck/hillbilly/conservatwat anything...he's set it his immovable ways, and will die that way...
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my planet is ever changing. The changes may be cycles too slow to perceive but weather is a result.
better change your oxygen setting
weather |?weT?H?r| noun the state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.: if the weather's good, we can go for a walk.
climate |?kl?mit| noun the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period: our cold, wet climate | agricultural development is constrained by climate.
of course on your planet up is down
of course you are, but thanks for confirming it
I was just using your definition of climate...my forest fire will definitely, by your definition, change climate
If push came to shove, putting up a large solar shade and a lagrange point between earth and sun could indeed block some of the energy output from the sun from reaching the earth
We can't agree to disagree because you have already swallowed and digested the hot steaming piles of
male bovine droppings shoved down your throat since you were a child. I promise not to tease you
or call call you anymore names you moron because it won't do any good to debate the subject of
the fictitious anthropogenic climate alteration. If you Hysterical Howling Progressive Liberal Leftist
Commiecrat Freak Politically Correct Trans Intellectuals had your way, we would revert to
being hunter gatherers foraging for food and living in harmony with nature.
The only problem is where would you recharge your iPhone since civilization would have been
done away with due to your activity to save the Climate. Geez! o_O
ah, when all else fails, and your ability to have a civil conversation is always doomed to fail, result to trumping
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he doesn't deny climate change, as a conservative he sees it as something humans shouldn't try to fix
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Moe DeLoughan posted for all of us...
If that is what you believe okay. I do not agree with you. Statistics are thrown out and then refuted. As I know when Al Gore brought this up and made it a mantra he made A LOT of money off it with no discernible change and proceeded to do what he wanted and violated his own preaching.
I believe Mother Nature is in constant change and to not mess with it.
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already told you: solar mirror at earth/sun lagrange point sized large enough to reduce insolation by even 1%
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yes, I understand that you don't understand. since you don't believe, you'd never accept anything that challenges what you were taught in sunday school
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and assertion of the Hysterical Howling Progressive Liberal Leftist Commiecrat Freak Politically Correct
Trans Intellectual Climate Change Weasels
Oh come on unk, grow up. Name calling is a sure sign that you lack the intelligence to deal with the subject matter.
that anyone who doubts their Climate Change Scam must be a
Denier because they are overly religious, especially Christian of some variety.
you are a denier and you are a christian. you may not practice, but I bet you either celebrate christmas or wish someone would give you something other than coal
I'm not religious
at all thanks to the nuns who tortured me when I was a small boy and the Protestants who were so
nasty to me. My field of study was physics which why I doubt the hysteria of the Climate Chaos
witch doctors. The Earth's climate is slowly changing in cycles that last longer than many
civilizations and empires.
and as I have already posted we are in the cooling phase of such a cycle
You may be too young to remember that in the 1970's, the climate
witch doctors were howling about Global Cooling and that mankind must take immediate action.
A decade later the Climate Chaos witch doctors were screaming about Global Warming until it was
pointed out to them that they had just been in hysteria about Global Cooling. This required that
they come up with a new name for their scam,"Climate Change"! Wow, they have it all covered now,...
in hot steaming piles of male bovine droppings. Follow the money you moron! Look at who is making
money off all the Climate Chaos! Your deity Obama destroys the coal companies and his billionaire
supporters are buying up those bankrupt coal mines.
yet natural gas companies are expanding and creating jobs...but don't you wonder why anyone would buy up a bankrupt coal mine...could it be possible they understand how to take coal into the future, something the current owners fought tooth and nail?
Just watch, they are gonna make a lot of money
when the political cycle which they're manipulating flip flops.
they will make lots of money irregardless of political cycles. they aren't about to wait for the winds of change to make coal smoke popular again
You can't help it, you're a product
of government schools that were infested by the Leftists responsible for The Dumbassification Of America.
where was it that you learned name calling was a legitimate form of discussion? or are you admitting that you were one of the privileged that got schooled in private schools?
They gave you a trophy for just participating and convinced you that you're smarter than those who don't
believe in the Leftist propaganda you were taught and the hot steaming piles of male bovine droppings
force fed you since you were a small child. The development of critical thinking was something denied
you by your Leftist education. I do pity you. o_O
then by definition, you must be a leftist
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so it's a waste of time to try to debate or have a conversation with you.
Poor end of life man can't muster enough brain power to respond to simple posts
Have a nice day and
visit a mental health care facility, soon.
why? you are the poster child proving they don't work
You really need some help before attempting communication
with other people. o_O
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