Weil-McLain vs Peerless furnace?

okay... We have to get our boiler replaced this week and we've gotten a couple of quotes. The people we buy our oil from only deal in Peerless, the other quote comes from guys who only deal in Weil-McLain.
The Peerless guys say that their brand is a 3-chamber boiler vs the Weil which is 4, and that makes the Peerless more efficient. But then they'd never heard the term "Energy Star" before, and they hadn't noticed the boiler they'd been cleaning for 5 years was completely rusted out.
The Weil guys say that Peerless is crap and the 3-chamber vs 4 is meaningless. They also say the Weil is more efficient. Classic He-said-she-said kind of situation.
The Peerless quote is for $4600 or $6100 for the more efficient model. I don't know the model numbers, but Peerless seems to go from AFUE 82 - 92 in the energy star doc I found.
The Weil McLain priced was the WGO-4 for $6600. According to the energy star doc, this model has an AFUE of 85. None of the Weil models seem to go above 86 or 87 AFUE.
Obviously, Weil is better known. The boiler that needs replacing is a Weil and it lasted 28 years.
So, is Peerless really crap? Is Weil worth the extra money? Obviously these 2 guys have an interest in bad-mouthing the other.
Thanks -Mark
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