Venting an enclosed TV sp

Hi Steve!
S > I cut a hole in a wall to insert a 27"TV. The hole aligns with a stairway o
S > the other side. (about 8 steps.) So the Tv fits into the empty space under S > the stairs. Its a split level house. One level in front and two levels in S > the back. 1/2 set of stairs lead down and another 1/2 set of stairs lead up
S > S > Not a huge space but enough to hold the TV. I'm concerned with the heat S > generated by the TV causing the TV to overheat. I plan on installing a smal
S > fan to vent the space.
Shouldn't be that much heat (not like the old tube ones!) but better safe than sorry.
S > There is a large closet next to the space that I can cut a hole through to S > put a small fan in. S > S > Would I be better to Pull air into the space and it would exit out the fron
S > around the TV? Or should I turn the fan around and pull air out of the S > space, sucking air in from around the front of the TV and blowing it into S > the closet. ( the closet is always open. Its got louvered bi-fold doors).
I would suck the air from the TV out the closet. Reasoning is there could be clothes dust/lint and the occasional stinky pair of shoes.
S > The opening around the TV is about 1/2" on each side and 2" on the top. I'm S > going to put a remote temperature sensor inside the enclosure to see how ho
S > it gets.
Probably a good idea before going through the extra work.
S > I hope to figure a way to have the fan turn on automatically when the TV S > turns on?
Well, back in the old days I did wire a 120v muffin fan into my tube- type TV. The way I did it won't work anymore as there is not 120 V on the on/off switch. Easiest way would be if there was a switched outlet on the back of the TV. Otherwise I would think one of those switched outlet devices should work: plug the TV into the control outlet and the fan into the contolled outlet. Sears has them in their Hardware department (used for controlling a vacuum with a saw, for instance); Radio Shack used to have it also, not sure if they still do.
S > This setup works out well. clears floor space in an already crowded room.
Yup: when I was growing up had a friend whose father cut a hole in the wall for their TV in the Rec Room. TV I think was pulled out of it's cabinet with just the front bezel; chassis on some sort of a support.
S > I started cutting the hole the other day while my wife was out shopping. Ha
S > ha ,ha! S > She just shook her head!
You sure do like living dangerously! <g>
* Of course I'm telling the truth! Would I Shih Tzu?
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where is the plug? does it meet code or have you invalidated your house insurance? ...thehick
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