To Jason, et al From OP: Re My T1-11 Wood Siding Question

Hello Jason:
Much thanks for advice on my T1-11
Do you have any opinions or thoughts regarding the desireability of caulking, or somehow sealing, the Vertical edges, where they abut the neighborings panels ?
If so, are they usually caulked (before they are butted, or just the seams afterwards ?) or just relies
on some paint applied on the edges beforehand ? Or,... ?
Thanks again,
BTW: this stuff used much, now-a-days ? Was somewhat surprised to see that HD carried it.
Are their different quality levels of ?

or otherwise seal the 8 foot vertical edges where the abut each other.

Yes, Z-flashing is for the horizontal joints created by placing a 4x8 sheet on top of another. Not only is this better than caulk alone, it's also better for appearence. Also, I haven't used T 1-11 in several years but Z-flashing used to be required at these joints or else you risk voiding your warranty.
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