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Hi Mike!
M > I am facilities manager in an old hotel-60 rooms. I don't have much M > experience in the field (I still don't khnow I happened to land in the M > job)
Maybe they wanted someone who wasn't bound by the taught-in-the-class room way of doing things.
M > Recently one of the guests, a semi-retired contractor, went around the M > place and came up with a list of thirty jobs that need doing. None are M > emergencies, but it will bring the place up to a new level as we do M > them. M > M > Anybody got any ideas on how I can keep uncovering these somewhat M > subtle deferred maintenance items? What kind of person might do this M > sleuthing for me? M > I am willing to pay for the service.
Keep reading in here! You'll be reminded of all sorts of things! <g>
I suppose one way to start would be to look at the building in general. When was the last time the roof was replaced? Go up in the attic area and look for signs of water. (Some may be from old, fixed leaks.) Does the place need painting? If so, what is the condition of the exterior? How about the windows? A bad look (curb appeal) may be causing potential business to drive past.
How about access? Sixty years ago was 1944. The vehicles then were the same yet different: now SUVs, Hummers, RVs. Are there places to park -- easily? Can the vehicle get under the front door awning or do they have to park out in the rain to get to reception?
And what about people mobility? Wheelchair access is a common consideration, but what about the blind or people with other mobility problems? (Slopes are worse than stairs for me.)
Smoking and non-smoking rooms are common; what about noise? Not only the noise from the next unit but when the ice machine dumps it's load or someone gets something from the vending machine ==> loud noise when it hits the bottom!
Data -- people have laptops, so perhaps include this wiring. Maybe even Wi-Fi or whatever the newest version is. Don't necessarily have to do this in all rooms but a section/wing for starters. (Especially the wireless connection! <g>)
Got Food? Receptions, maybe -- if no on-site is it easy for the caterers to access and setup? And of course food for the overnighter -- on-site or within walking distance? Maybe set up a "hot line" with a pizza delivery place and/or carry-out restaurant.
..Sort of got into a bit of a tangent but those might help your business. Up-to-date wiring and plumbing were just too obvious!
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