Specing out coating?

Is there a website or calculator for specing out coatings?
What is the frame of reference for permeability/breathability (30%?), elongation (300%), tensile strength (2000 psi?), viscosity (to make for a 100 mil coat), I want to spec polyurea.com coating for a 5% asbestos 95% chaulk "sand paint" 5000 sq ft (whole house) ceiling. It has a few long, stable structural house-settling cracks. We have a few tears in the ceiling caused by (since repaired) roof damage leakage. And we have some lye (Tide) damage peeling from removing mildew. Most pernicious at this moment are slow, seasonal perspiration cracks from ventilation ducts and windows. While we are at it, I'd like to reinforce my hunch that the 1965 "sand paint" is about 5% asbestos. I've seek UK "artex" cited at 3.8% crysolite and US "asbestos paint" at 5%, but none that actually say "sand paint", so I can't be sure. In the ast I've put tyvek wall liner with heavy wallpaper glue. I could put on a new layer of sheetrock or tin tiles, but the idea of just fixing the entire house with a paintbrush seems very appealing.                  - = - Vasos Panagiotopoulos, Columbia'81+, Reagan, Mozart, Pindus, BioStrategist          http://www.panix.com/~vjp2/vasos.htm ---{Nothing herein constitutes advice. Everything fully disclaimed.}--- [Homeland Security means private firearms not lazy obstructive guards] [Urb sprawl confounds terror] [Phooey on GUI: Windows for subprime Bimbos]
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