Propane heater and furnace sharing work

Lots of heat related questions lately.. I have a Comfort Glow solarfusion propane SF30PT heater,,thermostatically controlled and works by convection(no fan)and radiant heat both..It claims to heat 1,000 sq ft..Operates at 15,000 to 30,000 btu..I've had it new in the box for over a year now and probably wo'nt install it till next fall..It is vent free..I plan to use it along with a forced air furnace to heat this leaky old place,,I also plan to seal this place up eventually so a high efficiancy forced air furnace that draws fresh air from outside makes sense I guess..The thinking here is efficiancy,,the C-Glow requires no electricity and no heat goes out via exhaust wich makes it virtually 100% efficient..Propane is less costly than elec..It will operate during power outages.. I realize the safety issues,,I live alone lately,,no woman or kids to worry about.. My question is about calibrating the two thermostats..How to do this so they both share the heating load? The C-Glow has a mechanical thermostat built-in I'm sure(have'nt opened box yet)so should I move the furnaces' thermostat to near the C-Glow? Or just try to calibrate with the respective settings? Has Anyone else here been crazy enuff to try something like this?! LOL..What were Your results? Any experiences with this exact C-Glow heater? I'm sure more questions will come up,,I have more questions than Carter,Lilly or Roche ever had pills! I've been holding back,,do'nt wanna overload the internet! Inquiring minds wanna know! TIA. Dean
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