Programmable thermostat question

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On 14-Jul-03 At About 22:57:03, Norm Dion wrote to All Subject: Programmable thermostat question
ND> I'm in the process of upgrading from a 40-year old single-stage gas ND> furnace to a 2-stage model (80% efficiency). I currently use a ND> Hunter brand programmable thermostat on the existing furnace. One of ND> the contractors placing a bid for the new 2-stage Amer Stnd/Trane ND> tells me that I'll need to replace the thermostat with one that is ND> compatible with a 2-stage system. Is he right, or simply blowing ND> smoke up my butt? TIA
Nope he's right. you need the 2 stage stat to get the full benefit of the 2 stage furnace. besides that hunters are actually better paper weights that anything else :)
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