Peter piper plopped down a patch of purple primer

A friend of mine was doing some PVC work in his kitchen.
Slopped on the purple primer, and some dropped on the
hardwood floor.
His grand kids love the really kewl colors. But, SWMBO wants
the purple spots out.
He's tried gasoline on a paper towel, or alcohol. I
suggested clear primer, on a paper towel, to redissolve the
purple dye.
What has anyone found to work? Flamethrower is not an option
at this point.
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Stormin Mormon
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I think he is going to wearing that a while. The dye is formulated not to come off and the solvent does a great job of cutting through the finish and penetrating the wood.
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"Stormin Mormon" wrote in news:hd6ke8 $shb$
Based on my limited experience with purple primer the solution is easy - area rug.
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Red Green
The "solvent" for purple PVC primer is acetone or MEK......
but these could also be solvents or damaging to the floor finish.
Depending on the size & extent of the purple primer mess, it could (maybe) be carefully removed mehanically (thumb nail, scraper, steel wool, etc) and again, depending on the floor finish, the finish could be touched up.
I splashed purple primer on a pool deck, I never attempted to clean it up hoping it would fade or wear off........was still there 5 years later when I sold the house.
cheers Bob
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I don't feel so bad now! I had some on the bottom of the can and set it on the formica vanity in the bathroom last weekend, Guess what? That stuff ate a nice ring in the formica. Oh well , she wants all new anyway :-(
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I fixed some worn spots in my floor with some wipe-on-poly. If the stain can be sanded out without going all the way to the wood it should be no more of a problem than what I had. Problem is I spilt some of that stuff on some finished wood and it went all the way through the finish. Fortunately for me it was scrap.
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Some dyes will turn colorless on oxidation, so a hydrogen peroxide solution might fade it. Failing that, experiment with acidic (oxalic) or basic solutions (ammonia). Good luck. let us know what seems to work.
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Good thoughts. I'll post again, when I find out more. In the meantime, it's not looking good. Except for the grand kids who like the color spots.
If Peter piper plopped down a patch of purple primer, Peter piper's wife wasn't pleased.
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Stormin Mormon
Sounds's like Peter Piper's partner may be predictably and protractedly perturbed. Perhaps Peter's partner might be placated by Peter 'pologizing profusely?
Eric law
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