paint ur stucco loser

Subject: Re: Painting exterior stucco spray or roll? Date: Thursday, July 31, 2008 5:33 PM
Billy Pilgrim wrote:

Don't give up now, Billy are on the verge of becoming a HERO! Continue your crusade...convince the millions of US homeowners that live in CB houses covered with painted stucco that they screwed up big time...educate the builders that are churning out this stupidity even as we speak. (Maybe talk to a lawyer about a class action suit against the builders. Toss in the building departments that permit this perfidy too).
And when you finish the US, learn Spanish and carry your crusade to Mexico, Central America and South of America where there are 10s of millions more - virtually ALL houses - of those painted abominations . By the time you finish there, China will be rich enough to have started stuccoing and will have painted THEIR houses and buildings so study Mandarin at night while you are saving the Hispanic world.
No, don't stop, continue - you have found your life's work. Once you become an adult. =================================thanks dadio (future Usenet kook of the year)
your closed mind is an inspiration to sane people everywhere.
don't let any of the cold hard fact sway you because; in your mind, you are always right!
seriously, apart from the silly bickering; this has been interesting. :)
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