Overhead electrical servi

Hi Tim!
TJ> I'd like to run electrical and telephone service to my storage shed, which s l TJ> cated 40' TJ> from my home. I'd appreciate any advice that the experts in this group can pro TJ> ide. TJ> TJ> I am planning on a 20' 4x4" pole at the shed, buried 5', with a pair of Par 38' TJ> near the TJ> top of the pole for general yard lighting. There will be a single 15A outl t i TJ> side the TJ> shed, which will supply handheld power tools and low-voltage lighting aroun th TJ> shed.
Personally I'd put in a few more outlets, or at least the option of doing so. The storage shed here has an exterior outlet for the weed whacker, etc., plus an interior outlet which hasn't been used yet but is for the wall warts for cordless devices. There is also a switched light for the interior.
TJ> The entire electrical circuit will be three-way switched, similar to a stai wel TJ> , with one TJ> switch inside the house and the other inside the storage shed. See TJ>
http://www.lightingfacts.com/psls.JPG . I'll use a single-gang digital tim
r i TJ> side the
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