One air conditioner or tw

B > 1. Put an 8000 btu air conditioner in north bedroom B > 2. Put a smaller btu (5400? 6000?) in each room B > 3. Something else? B > B > We want both rooms to be cool enough to sleep, we don't want some of us B > to freeze and some of us to boil. Currently it is about 34-36 degrees B > celcius in the rooms after hot summer days. Thanks!
95F?! <pant-pant-pant!!> I would go with two separate window units for each room. Cold air doesn't like to move, and as you will be trying to squeeze it through two doorways and avoid letting it go downstairs you would be in for disappointment with one unit.
I think we have a similar situation here: the original house was 1 story; recently added on a master bedroom so now a two story. The original house was built in the mid-40's. The original upstairs area, first used by us as a bedroom, now my Computer Room, gets "a little warm" even with using a booster fan in the duct to help pull the cold air from the central air. A window air unit keeps it cool. The stairway is on the opposite side of the room from the window with the a/c in it -- can feel it is much warmer on the far side.
As for the size (BTU) of the units, I'm not sure. Bring the measurements with you. Here in the U.S. many manufacturers are either putting suggested sizes on the cartons or there is a chart at the display. Bigger is not better in this case: too large will shut down too soon -- it will be cool but not remove the humidity.
Also consider the 'bedroom' type of unit: runs a little quieter.
One other thing to consider is the electrical circuit. Not sure how much current (amps) the units take but don't think I'd want them on the same ciruit. (Quicky/approximate way to convert from Watts to Amps: 100 W is 1 A at 120 V.)
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