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M > I have several wall mounted lights controlled by one switch. One of the M > lights suddenly has no power (tested with multi-meter) I do not think this M > is the last light on the run but it must be otherwise subsequent lights M > would not work. What could cause the lack of power?
Actually they're wired in parallel; if they were wired in series if one light went out all the lights would go out.
If the lights are (more or less) in a straight run then the problem is an open. If it is the last light in the run then the open is either at the light's socket, at the next-to-last light's output (the feed to the next [last in this case] light. It could also be the socket itself failed (I had an older socket which must have been manufactured using dissimilar metals as one of the rivets holding things was pretty much gone).
BLK Circuit ---->Switch----->|------>|----->|----->|----->| Breaker | | | | | Bulb1 Bulb2 Bulb3 Bulb4 Bulb5 WHT | | | | | -------------------------------------------------------
If Bulb5 doesn't work (the 'last' one) the problem would be with the black wire anywhere from the connection at Bulb4 (output) to the input of Bulb5. It could also be the white wire coming out of Bulb4 or into Bulb5.
If there is a junction box between Bulb4 and Bulb5 you need to check there also.
There is another possiblty that comes to mind, sort of a daisy chain arrangement. It's electrically the same as above but mechanically different:
Circuit ---->Switch------------------- Breaker Junction Box | | | | | | | | | | | | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | | | | | | (white leads)
All the bulb leads connect at a single junction box. If either of Bulb6's wires pulled from the wire nut in the junction box this would open the circuit, causing the bulb not to light.
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