Need Refrigerator Advice

13 year old Roper (aka Whirlpool) side by side frig.
So two nights ago I go in the kitchen to turn out the evening light. Something smells like it's burning. Soon I hear a crackling coming from the frig area and target it as coming from underneath where sound can exit the front vent. Unplug and pull out frig. Remove cardbord access cover on bottom. PeeeeUuuuu. Plug in quickly and immediately hear crackling along with black smoke and actually tiny flaming coming from under plastic cover on the side of the compressor. Quickly unplug and remove cover.
I find this:
I know jack about appliance repair and just wing things. Some Googling of diagrams I find this is a compressor relay. Nasty failure if you ask me. Along with relay under this plastic cover is an "Overload" device as they call it.
No time for Internet orders if I can help it. Overnighting would offset any savings anyway. Next morning I'm lucky that the local appliance parts shop has the kit which contains everything under the cover including the cover. Guess someone along the lines figured new cover would also be needed when it burns. Same price as online. Surprising!
I ask the guy there what this overload device is for considering I had a small flame and melting part. Said he thought it protects the compressor. Not sure what that means but maybe like an AC so it doesn't cycle on-off- on too quickly with power glitches or something. I'm like oh great...saves the compressor...which will burn up in the house fire.
I don't think this is the first time this failed. There was a wire routing retainer piece that came with the new cover and is mated to fit in the cover guide. Guide was on old and new one but piece was missing in old one. PITA to get in properly routed and locked when reassembled. Probably why whoever replaced it left it off be it a tech or hack.
So for a bad situation it turned out best it could actually. If I had gone to bed 10 min later I might woke up to smoke alarms, a fire or never woke again. Repair cost was minimal. Part was available locally. No food lost.
Checked for product recalls on the Internet with no hits.
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