JINNIAN heat pump water heaters

Our company is the manufacturing industries of science and technology style. The premises is more than 20000 square meters, and it has colligating functions of products designing, molds processing, plastics machining, hardwares punching and electromechanical products producing and so on. The technique strength of our company is strong, and the products sell to all over the world. It also obtains the certificate of ISO9001, the license to export, and the heat pump patent technique certificate, and has become one of the Chinese earliest air source and water source heat pump water heaters. Our company has developed the heat pumps combining with Guangdong mechanical & electric college whose quality is on the tops and appearance looks attractive and has taken the fancy of the public. It also acquires the No.1 prize of national science and technology progress, the national invention gold prize, the national practicality and new type patent, and the patent No. is ZL200420045278.2.The products export to Malaysia, India, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia and so on. Since 2001, our company united Guangdong mechanical & electric college to start research then air source and water source heat pump heater, through two years efforts, we overcame various science and technology difficulties, and finally experiment successful ability the effect ratio be up to 4.5 of hot pump water- heater. Meanwhile we also have developed central heat pump--double effect machine of heat water and cold air. We believe it avail to save energy for human. Welcome to cooperate with OEM producing. JINNIAN heat pump water heaters According to the basic principle of reverse Carnot cycle, in the evaporation machine, the air more than minus 20 was take in heat, and the low-pressure absorbed. It was delivered to the compressor and became high temperature and high pressure air. In the cooler, it exchanged the heat of water. The liquid after cooling off though save valve, then changed into low temperature and low pressure air into evaporator. Thus continuously circulating, the calories was released into water, finally, produced hot water. Product characteristics: 1, Function characteristics of the machine set Saving energy and efficiently, the expenses that the machine circulates are low, to cut down the expense for the customer, the ability effect ratio is up to 3.5 to 6.The machine set works scope wide, and can work normally in minus15 to 50. The whole system controlled by computer. It can be setting time at all day. Make use of the high temperature time of the day to produce hot water. The heat pump can be used to everywhere, for example, industrial and building etc. 2, The excellent accessories Adopting the well-known heat pump vortex compressor, the type of high temperature vortex compressor of Copeland from America, the high temperature compressor of HITACHI, the high pressure and high temperature of the heat pump system circulates are more stable and more credible in a long period. Choosing the external thread coaxial telescoping type heat exchanger is very useful because of its anti- pressure, anti-vibration, enduring, dirty, not easily blockade, no leakiness in the inner. Adopt the efficiently internal thread hydrophilic coppers/aluminums slice .Efficiently exchange the calories from the air to adopt the amount of wind and low noise axial flow accessory of electromotor and fan. 3, Protection measure of the machine set is well-found The system has intelligence control function of water current shortage protection, high and low pressure protection, program protection, overloading and overflow protection, defend freeze protection in winter, the high temperature air of discharge protection, the system overloading and unloading protection, automate frost protection, various parameter setting, break down search, system parameter search etc. The system is safe and credible and needn't men guard, so it cuts down expenses. 4, Application scope The sauna center, the hydrotherapy SPA, hairdressing salons, villa, hotel, hospital, factory, restaurant, school, swimming pool, laundry shop, the industry uses hot water etc.
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