I'm out $1000 a month

I was counting on an extra $1000 a month starting next year, even had a
new car picked out. Now Andrew Yang dropped out of the Presidential race.
Damn, I was hoping for a check by Feb 1 if he won.
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Ed Pawlowski
Back when they needed a certain number of individual donors to get into the first debate I threw a couple of bucks to Yang and Gabbard. I didn't think Yang had a chance but he was the one candidate that was in touch with the 21st century. Gabbard was the one Democrat that I felt wasn't going to invade a few more countries for the hell of it.
Bennett is out too, although to be honest I didn't even know he was in.
Meanwhile Biden headed south in more ways than one. If his black firewall decides to sleep in he may be the next also ran.
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On Tue, 11 Feb 2020 19:28:50 -0700, rbowman wrote in
I like AOC. I would really like to do her.
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You mean just to shove something in her mouth so she'd STFU. She is stupid enough to let you do her.
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In article , snipped-for-privacy@Invalid.invalid says...
If you saw her like the picture I saw where her face was next to a picture of the donkey you might change your mind or look for a bag to put over her head They both looked very similar.
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Ralph Mowery
I recall an ex-marine I work for that commented about a woman in our building. He said you would like to throw her down, take advantage of her, get up, wipe your hands off and leave.
The couple of guys here that want her and Yang should move to NYC. She's there and I heard Yang might run for mayor.
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Yang might have a chance after the cops take de Blasio skin diving in the East River. I've got an ex in NYC; I think she's one of the three people in the city that listens to Limbaugh. Last time i talked to her I didn't ask what she thought about Billy Boy. Her health isn't good and I didn't want to get her blood pressure up.
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