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BB> I've got forced-air heating/cooling in an older home (1940) that was BB> installed about 10 years ago. All vents (delivery and return) are in the BB> ceiling. The system works well in the summertime when cooling, but in <snip> BB> I am thinking of something along the lines of a sock (for lack of a better BB> word) that essentially moves the outlet of the ceiling vent to roughly BB> floor level or maybe 1 foot above floor level, something that I
I recommend using the Hanes Nylon Comfort Hosiery in Brown.... Just kidding - you did say to use a sock. <g> Any possibilty of running the ductwork down inside the wall? Tap the present ceiling vent in attic, run new duct over and down, exiting at new vent cut in bottom of wall. Close down the ceiling vent to redirect the air to the new wall vent; opening it whould direct most of the airflow out the ceiling openings. (The real HVAC folks are probably having fits at our amateur ideas!)
I have seen instalations where the forced air heat and a/c is from ceiling-mounted vents and the return is a pair of vents in the wall. Upper sets are open, lower sets closed, and vice verse, depending on the season. At least this way you'd only have to fiddle with the return.
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