Hiding carpet seams in doorways?

I just finished installing carpet in our house and the finished job looks great. We were able to avoid any seams in the rooms themselves, except for two seams in the doorways between rooms.
The "grain" of the carpet is the same in the rooms, but the seams are quite noticeable. We have tried vacuuming and working the fibers over and over to get the seam to blend, but they are still quite obvious. Clear indicator that the carpet was installed by an amateur. :)
When I installed the carpet, I left a few inches extra overhanging into the doorways. I then flipped the extra flap upside down and used a straightedge to make a nice straight cut on the first piece. I then used that edge to cut the second piece of carpet with a carpet seam cutter. The two pieces fit together nicely.
Because we only had the two doorway seams, I used self adhesive carpet seaming tape instead of the iron melting type. It seems to hold the carpet together tightly.
Our carpet is a light tan colored plush carpet.
Short of installing some kind of transition strip to cover the seams (which would look even more obvious), is there anything I can do to better hide the seams?
Would sewing the seams produce a better finished result?
And yes, I know a pro could probably come in and fix this right up, but it's important to me to do it myself.
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