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J > I have read the postings on this topic in this news group and haven't J > found one quite like mine so.... J > J > Yes, I live in a 1959 house, and the house sockets are only two J > pronged... J > J > Now, when I removed the faceplace and socket, I found wires entering the J > metal box from the top and connecting to the socket. And another set J > connecting of wires connected to the same poles exiting the bottom of
As the others have said, it appears there is a good possibility your outlets can be replaced by three prong/grounded ones. To be absolutely certain you will need an outlet tester. (I periodically check the outlets here -- wiring can loosen.)
Ideally you would open up all the outlets and make the upgrades suggested by another poster. With all due respect, fat chance! <g> While this is the proper way I'll admit I probably wouldn't do it here -- it works, leave it alone. At the outlets being upgraded I would add the ground wire; I would not rely on the screws holding the outlet in place to be the sole ground connection.
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