Gas Fireplace Insulation

As Colbyt says, check the maker & Model Number before doing anything. Clearance requirements vary from model to model. I think there should be insulation and gypsum board back there. TB
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We have a gas fireplace (which is great.. it gives off alot of heat and
we like it .. and use it in moderation)... however in the dead of winter
there is cold air which comes wipping in from the wall behind the
fireplace. I ripped the fireplace out (actually just lifted it and
pulled it out) and see it's just the outside wall of the house.. no
insulation. What can I use to insulate back there that is not going to
have problems because of the heat from the fireplace? Just as a note,
this fireplace does not vent through a chimney so the air is not coming
in from that.
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I would find a brand name on the unit and then do a little research before I did anything.
I can't think of any reason why you could not insulate the wall cavity with unfaced fiberglass insulation but the Mfg. might have a different opinion.
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