Connecting 16th century antenna wire to 21st century coax

I'm certain everyone is breathlessly awaiting a status report on this project, so here goes: As suggested, I bought an Xacto knife from the nearest Radio Shack; I rummaged and found somewhere a balun transformer. [As an aside, on the balun are inscribed the magic words "Sega Genesis"! If memory serves, that video game system was prevalent at the time dinosaurs still roamed the earth, although dinosaur and video game historians may quibble with the dating.]
I used the knife to strip about inch of the twin lead wire and embarked on the mother of all kludges: I sort of connected the exposed twin lead wires to the input of the balun; connected an RG6 coax male-F to the female-F on the balun; connected the other male-F end of the cable to the coax input on a Radio Shack Accurian Over-the-Air HDTV ATSC tuner (now discontinued, but the best $90 I've ever spent); connected an S-video cable to the S-video out on the tuner and connected the other end to the S-video in on a Philips RF modulator (best $8 ever spent); connected yet another RG6 to the coax out on the RF modulator and the other end to the coax input on an old (about 15-20 year) RCA TV in the basement.
THEN! I turned on the ATSC tuner and the RF modulator and the TV, and set the TV on channel 3 - and every OTA HDTV station known to man (at least in my area - western Nassau County, Long Island), was there - loud and clear! (Well, not so loud - sharp-eyed readers may have noticed I didn't bother with the audio settings; this was just a test of the antenna and wire).
So thanks be given to the gods of unknown antenna manufacturers and to Belden - a 15-20 year old system is still working, with the flimsiest of setup and no amplifiers! The wonders of technology.
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