Bathroom Remodel Advice

My wife and I are in the process of rennovating (aren't we all? :-), and we need advice on a bathroom.
The master bedroom used to have a small (~4'x4') half-bath in one corner. The other side of the wall is the back hallway; across that hall is an equally small bathroom with a shower (!), sink, & toilet. There's one room off the back hallway which would be a great guest bedroom if there were a decent bathroom nearby. The door to the master bedroom is right next to the main bathroom, so it didn't seem worthwhile to keep the small half-bath, so when we redid the master bedroom, we expanded the walls of the half-bath and closed it off to the bedroom, with the expectation of opening it out into the back hallway & putting a shower, sink, & toilet in there (and turning the other bathroom into a closet, which would be very nice).
The new bathroom is now 60"'x90", since that was as much as we felt we could take from the master bedroom; the door has to be in the shorter wall because of layout, but is not placed yet. We've seen designs for 5'x8' bathrooms with the door in the middle of a long wall, which doesn't help us much. We talked with a guy at Home Depot, who put together a couple of potential layouts for us, but I wasn't convinced that they were ideal for our situation--I think he was just using stock fixtures, and I think there are smaller ones that could be ordered (though I haven't verified yet). His basic design was sink by the door, shower & toilet on the far wall. Many of the bathroom planners I've seen online are also limited to stock fixtures (or ones by specific manufacturers) and/or don't let you know if a given layout would actually give one room to maneuver about.
So, my questions: where should we look for smaller fixtures? Is there any option short of making plywood cutouts and putting them on the floor that would help with planning the layout? Should we consider a pocket door--would that buy us anything, and is it possible to install it without stripping out the new master bedroom wall (I'm ok stripping the back hallway walls down to the studs, if need be)? Are there any other options we ought to consider?
Thanks, -David
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