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20 hp riding mower " hunting "
Looking for suggestions - 1991 Wheelhorse 520H hydro - the normally smooth running 20 hp Onan has started to hunt during operation < engine speed going up & down in steady waves > I installed a new...
2 days ago 2
Balanced hammer
This is an example of what you can do with a well balanced hammer. Easy to swing you can do bit things. This is Micky showing what he has done 's more micky's speed. Five years on the chain gang for...
3 days ago 1
What to make when you have too much time on your hands. Very creative Good use for lonely fidget spinners too...
3 days ago 1
OT: George Carlin - Saving the Planet
I turned the transcript text on and copy/pasted a little bit below. It's a fun listen for sure! "I'm not one of these people who's worried about everything. You got people like this around... your...
3 days ago 2
Quarantine Road
I was looking for a place to recycle some tvs and computers and I came across the Quarantine Road Landfill (They probably recycle by mixing with dirt) I havent' found infor about it yet, but here is a...
4 days ago 3
What do they mean by a well-balanced hammer.
What do they mean by a well-balanced hammer? Every hammer I've ever had was heavier at one end. Who are "they?" Maybe "The first consideration of anyone who knows their hammer is balance. The proper...
4 days ago 9
OT Why do parents send children away to boarding school?
OT Why did/do parents send their HS or younger children away to boarding school? Like this one, mother could never understand and I don't either. Don't they like their children? Don't they want to...
5 days ago 6
In Carolyn Hax, the topic of an implanted chip in a baby, that shows up as a dot on a smartwatch, was raised. Do they have such things? RFID requires a transceiver within a few feet, right? So what...
5 days ago 10
Downshifting when going down steep hillls
says it controls the brake and accelerator so you can concentrate on steering, but about the transmission, only this: "This capability helps you concentrate on steering since you don?t have to apply...
6 days ago
Heat pumps?
I was watching the Dirty Jobs show with Mike Rowe the other day. He was helping well drillers sink wells for a heat pump system for something like an old folks home. It occurred to me that I haven't...
6 days ago 29
mind bender -- 4" cast iron female hub, lead 4" pipe
Hi all, I'm working on the toilet plumbing that was installed right after the last ice age. :-) Below the toilet, I had a female cast iron hub with a 4" lead pipe inserted which came up to mate with...
6 days ago 9
Toro walk behind mower - drive doesn't "pull" as much as should
Hi, I've a Toro Recycler 6.5HP walk behind mower with front drive. It's probably 9years old at this point. Over this past summer, when I engage the drive, it's just not pulling as much as it used to,...
1 week ago 9
Is pine tree dead?
I have a pine tree whose branches have died for the bottom 25 feet, but which is alilve with needles and cones for the remaining 10. Does that prove it's dead, or almost dead? After all, normal...
1 week ago 5
Vines growning from within bushes?
I have vines growing up in the middle of my bushes. What to do? They look bad. At least once a year, I rip or cut out parts I can see, but that still leaves the stems and they grown back. Some have...
1 week ago 42
OT Dad jokes
Dumb but funny and a needed break from politics I get laughs from both. How often do planes crash? Just once. Love it. Pretty ignorant on most.
1 week ago 2