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Then, as the bottom line of the scrolled rail is 2 inches above the first step t, and the length of a short baluster being 2 feet 2 inches, the height from i to t will be 2 feet 4 inches, when in position.

It is desirable to keep the scrolled rail as low as that shown, so that its varying and pleasing curvature will be seen to the best advantage. In the plan (a), ab is the center line of the rail prolonged, and acb is taken from lines similarly-lettered in (b).
From b9 draw be tangent to the center line of the rail at e. The joint sd is made at right angles to eb. From s d to z r is the wreathed portion of the rail, since it both curves and rises. The remaining portion of the scroll, from s d to the eye, is horizontal, as shown by b o in the elevation (b), and in this part of the scroll, three or four of the balusters should be bolted to the step at their bases, and to the scrolled rail at their top. The construction of the veneered riser and scroll block is shown in Fig. 39 (a), and the complete scroll step is shown in (b).



44. Quarter Platform. In Fig. 40 is shown a plan of a quarter-platform stairway with a quarter cylinder for a continued hand rail. Any radius of cylinder considered desirable may be used, but if the risers ob and o\' b\' be put at a distance equal to one-half the width of a tread from the

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