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4. Stairways are known as dog leg, open newel, and
geometrical. A dog-leg stairway has no well hole, and the
face stringer of the upper flight is vertically over that of
the lower one. A well hole is the space on plan between
two flights when the stringers are not located in the same
vertical plane. The objection to dog-leg stairways is that
the hand rail is not continuous, but strikes the soffit of the
upper flight.

Where newels are placed at the angles of the well hole, the stairway is termed an open-newel stairway; but when the stringer is continued in a curve perpendicular to the curve on the plan round the winders, the stringer is said to be wreathed, and the stairway is designated as geometrical.

5. The above classification relates more especially to the
general design than to the structural details, many of which

are common to each. When classified with relation to the methods of construction, there are two systems; the first consists in the use of rough timbers, or carriages, cut to the

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