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When the knee is convex, the combined curve is then called a swan neck or sometimes a goose neck. The lower ends of rails abutting against the newels may be either straight or curved. When curved, the rail is said to be eased, and the curved portion of the rail is called the easement, and this arrangement requires the newel to be somewhat longer.


22. Continued hand rails are sometimes provided with an iron brace extending across the cylinder from the facia to the bottom of the rail. Instead of

this brace, an iron baluster is often placed at each end of the wreath. Fig. 17 <I >(a)</I> is a perspective sketch of the base of such a baluster, which is formed into a flanged connection and attached to riser and stringer by screws. At <I >(b)</I> is shown a side elevation of the base, and its relative position with reference to the face stringer.

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