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(a), a dovetailed groove is cut in the stringer into which the end stave fits. Wedges W, glued in, hold the stave in place,

In the second method (b), the end staves are merely set into the stringers and screwed fast from the outside.



16. All base and stringer moldings should
be worked out of solid wood. Work that is to be bent is
generally stronger when laminated, as shown in Fig. 16; but for moldings this method cannot always be used, since the joints will show, no matter how well the work is done. This is particularly true of hard woods. If the work is to be painted, however, this method is not objectionable.


17. If the stairway is put up against the
brown-mortared wall, the finished parts must be well covered
with building paper, and rough boards placed over the paper
on the treads, to remain until the interior woodwork is completed. The covering must be fixed in such a manner as to
permit enough of it to be easily removed to allow the hand
rail and balusters to be put up.

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