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The following pages in stair-building and handrailing are taken from the actual working drawings of practical handrailers and stair-builders. The first division is, in a great measure, the work of George Langstaff, New England, and is considered by expert workmen to be one of the best treatises of the kind, with regard to the stairs dealt with. Of course there are only-eleven kinds of stairs, but they are so arranged that any person mastering to the full extent these eleven would find no insurmountable difficulty in dealing with stairs of other kinds.
It must be remembered that the reader of this book is supposed to have a considerable knowledge regarding the various methods of building the stair proper in all its different forms, for without this knowledge it will be impossible to understand the method of laying out and constructing a rail, even for a straight stair having a ramp at the newel post. That is the publish≠ers' reason for including a valuable treatise on that subject, which teaches, in a very simple manner, the proper way to lay out the carcass of a stair, and all new beginners who have not obtained a fair knowledge on the subject will appreciate this addition, which, in conjunction with this work, will fully equip any young man with all the information he will ever likely require regarding the art of stair-building and handrailing.

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