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offered as a supplement to the page of handrail sections shown in part three of this work. In the examples given the centers of the curves forming the handrails are given, and the sizes of the rails are marked on the sections in two instances. The numbers 5 to 8, inclusive, show patterns for brackets which may be made to suit almost any style of stairs. Other patterns will be found illustrated in previous pages of this work in connection with examples of platform stairs.


The following tables which are taken from the Builder and Woodworker, but which I believe were first prepared by The California Architect, will be found very useful to those "figuring" on the run and rise of stairs. The spacing of the lines of figures into groups aids the eye in following the direction to the final point.

Directions: In the column beginning with the rise of step desired, find the height of story from top of floor to top of floor, then follow this line to the column under risers, which gives the number of risers. In the column under "treads" find the number of risers, less one, and on this line under the column of width of tread will be the length of run.

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