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above the line of nosings. A device of this kind allows a broom or brush to sweep clear through to end of step, to clean off dust without being obstructed by balusters. The platform is shown at N which may be continued to suit conditions. A lower platform which may belong to the same stairs is shown at Fig. 2Ch.4 . Fig. 2. Platform posts.Ch.4 . Fig. 2. Platform posts.. Here I show the drop of the newel A, reaching down further than the one in Fig. 1Ch. 4. Fig. 1. Platforms.Ch. 4. Fig. 1. Platforms.. The platform N may be extended to any length suitable to the requirements. Newels running down in the angle formed by the angle of the apron of the platform and the outside string, should be well secured to both the timber of the plat≠form and the string. This can best be done by insert≠ing a handrail bolt in the newel and leaving the end projecting out to pass through the timber, and another one should be placed so that it will pass through the string. Sometimes the newel is placed in position before the string is put up, and the center line of bal≠usters is made to coincide with the center line of the newel. This is an excellent method if the stairs are open under the string, for then the "drop" can hang below the apron and string. The newel can be gained out to the proper depth over the joists, and the apron can be fitted in nicely to build against the shank of the newel post.


I show, at Fig. 3Ch. 4. Fig. 3. The ground plan of an open newel stair.Ch. 4. Fig. 3. The ground plan of an open newel stair., the ground plan of an open newel stair having two landings and closed strings. The dotted lines show the carriage timbers and trimmers, also the lines of risers; while the treads are shown by complete lines. It will be noticed that the strings and trimmers of the first landing are framed into the shank

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