Life after conifers

I'm in the process of clearing the garrden of my new house of a number
of conifers. They (Leylandii or similar) have been there a reasonable
amount of time. I'd guess from what I know about the propery about 50
years. Trees are approx 30 - 40 ft tall. Trunks up to 18"
I want to initially plant grass where the conopy of the tree was, but
imagine the soil is going to need some significant conditioning first.
I've raked away alot of the old decayed leaf matter but still lots of
fiberous material.
Can anyone recommend what to add and how. I was thinking of rotovating
farmyard manure in, if I can get through the hidden roots?
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Check with the Co Op or County Extension Agent for a soil analysis. Use to be something like 5.00. Probably going to need a good dose, of lime and certainly fertilizer. imo
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nfr wrote the following:
The area under the conifers is probably loaded with acidic soil, you'll have to check the PH of the soil and add limestone if it is below 7 PH. (I don't really know, but I wonder if swimming pool PH+ (plus) additives would work?) Wait until the end of growing season to add the limestone so it has time to neutralize the soil before the next growing season.
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Unless you till it in, which would be hard with all the roots, lime only percolates thru the soil about 1" per year. I've found that for smaller areas it's faster to use 1 box of baking soda dissolved in 2-3 gallons of warm water.
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You could use actual lime rather than powdered limestone which is what most of the "lime" you see in the garden centers is. Limestone is not very useful -- its what we make monuments out of and they are not supposed to disolve.
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