is my lawn under watered? *pictures*

I have just taken interest in my garden, and found that at the back of
my garden there is a big 1/4 circle of a mixture of green grass and
brown grass together above this there is a massive tree where leaves
cover that area of grass.
i noticed that could be the problem so i have recently started watering
the grass every couple of days with a hose pipe on spray mode because
the top part look very dry, i also have aerated the lawn with a fork
which i thought would help.
After a few weeks of hosing it and aerating, it does look like its
coming back to life, i also have a dog that wee's on the grass but i
hose it down when she has finished, and she usually wees all over bottom
part and top part of the grass and as you can see the bottom part of my
grass is really green (out of the tree) where it gets alot of water.
what do you think?
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It's very difficult to impossible to diagnose a lawn problem just from pictures. If water is the suspect, how much rainfall was there in the month or so before the problem occured? If there was little rain and most of it was light, the tree could be a factor. Also, some trees are known to have roots that run closer to the surface and soak up more of the moisture, making it difficult to grow grass. But, in general, in conditions of less water, turf in shade tends to hold up better, because it's out of the direct baking sunlight. On my front lawn, which is mostly full sun, the area shaded by a tree holds up much better with less rain. It will still be green, while the rest starts to brown out. My backyard is shaded by trees and the grass there can go for 2X or 3X as long without water compared to the front, full sun lawn.
The other possibilites are disease or insects.
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