Florida Natural Grass Considered a Weed Elsewhere?

Having moved to Florida in 1997 from "up north", I was shocked at what pass=
es for lawn grass in Florida. The thick, course bladed "St. Augustine" or =
"Floratam" or "Palmetto" would be consider crabgrass in Northern or mid-Atl=
antic states. Synthetic Grass, Artificial Grass, Fake Grass, whatever you =
want to call it, has gotten so good people don't have to settle for crabgra=
ss as their lawn. And forget about trying to grow and maintain golf course=
"exotic" sport turf grasses unless you plan to spend thousands per month i=
n upkeep. Southwest Greens offers about 20 different synthetic grass style=
s with different color blends, thatches, pile heights, and levels of face w=
eights. You can get the "golf course" look without the maintenance hassle.=
Of course, it costs more out of the gate but typically the payback is bet=
ween 3 to 5 years considering all the costs of the alternative. Remember t=
oo that the alternative comparison should be what it would take to have a b=
eautiful, manicured lawn because that is what you get when you install synt=
hetic grass in your yard. It's a major aesthetic improvement and always re=
ady for a BBQ, backyard party, or lawn game. Checkout
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learn more.
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