Fairy Ring

I have been getting very large mushrooms/toadstools growing in our lawn,
they grow to about 8 inches and then kind of melt on the top by turning
black and all black resin drips off of them. I can see that where they
are coming up they are trying to form a fairy ring.
Any ideas on how I get rid of these please?
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not easily.
it's a fungus eating something, it will go away when it has nothing left under there to feed upon.
if you really want to do this, how much do you want to spend?
you can pour antifungals on the soil and it might knock it back, but it will eventually come back.
if you dig up the stump/root/whatever and remove it and replace the soil that would be the most effective long term method, but that will take some effort and time.
i'd leave it alone, it's a good sign that nature is doing what it needs to do with what it's got.
google "fairy ring removal" and read all you want...
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On Oct 6, 11:09=A0am, simonrepro wrote:
The only way I know of to permanently remove them is to dig then out and completely replace the soil. An anti-fungal may work for a little bit, but they will inevitably come back
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