Does it Work Out Cheaper to Get DIY Kitchen & Self Employed Fitter?

Tryna keep the missus happy as per.
She wants a new kitchen fitted, I don't personally care about our 6 year old kitchen looking "outdated" but...
Anyway, since I last had to get it done it seems way more expensive for the full kitchen and installation packages, it's bloody stupid man, how much more can it cost to run a property? It's already sickening.
Anyway, I spoke to these lot -
formatting link
and I can get the actual kitchen wayy cheaper, obviously though, not with fitting.
I'm not actually planning on doing a DIY fitting, but I figured, maybe buy a DIY kitchen and pay a separate individual fitter?? Good?? Bad??
Same amount of bother as the expensive option really, but I don't know what kind of rates these solo fitters charge.
Anyone on here used a solo kitchen fitter and tried this idea?
Any relevant info is good!!
Cheers all
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