maitenance of topflor parquet?

We bought enough boxes of topflor oak parquet to do more than two rooms. We bought them at Marden's in Maine which sells buyouts and such. The packages say that there is a separate "Topflor Wood Maintenance Guide", which was not enclosed. I know the basic rules about wood floors. These 12" X 12" tiles are finished with "high -technology European acrylics" for years of durability, beauty and easy maintenance. God! I hope that's true. I am not familiar with acrylic finishes. I know not to wax wooden floors if you plan to cover the wood with subsequent finishes. My son is presently putting down the flooring years after we bought it. Life happens when we plan projects.
My husband is now in a wheelchair and I am his caregiver. We are both 77 years old.
If anyone can give me maintenance care of acrylics, wither specific to Topflor or generalized maintenance of acrylic finishes.
Thank you.
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