Scythed Lawn

It's an exercise opportunity, or a take-a-break opportunity, and to me it looks cool, you can mow your lawn with a European scythe (do a couple of swaths a day) and it's not boring, each cut taking some precise control.
(the foreground is a drainage ditch, with sculpted longer grass marking the dog's do-not-cross-without-permission line)
pictorial overkill :
I got the scythe at a ``European'' style made of softer metal that you can keep razor sharp, which is necessary for lawn grass.
Normally you get rid of the windrow after you've done the day's cutting with a leaf sweeper and a few trips to the back fence to add to the enormous haystack (how big will it get?).
In the spring I have to start over at the front before I get done in the back, but you can't stall a scythe with long grass so it doesn't matter much.
It's not hard work and is a pleasant way to spend an hour.
Ron Hardin
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