On Tue, 15 Jul 2014 13:53:59 +1000, Fran Farmer




doubt due to him dusky skin colour and the red colour of the necks of those who make such



basically ignorant, voting in lock-step with their leaders. A very few decent hold-overs in that Party from the days when the Opposition would work with the Party in power try to hold the line, but the game is rigged against humans and in favor of money -- by any means necessary.

hint of opposition. He's not a "people person"; has very little understanding of how to play the political game -- which unfortunately is a President's prime requisite.

OK. I don't expect you to have a clear view of things here. He has been the worst imperialist for a long time, using executive orders like legislation and worse. I hated Bush the lesser as well for many of the same offences. Moreover as a person he is vile and despicable just like Bush the lesser. His track record is public information.
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On Mon, 14 Jul 2014 12:57:38 -0700 (PDT), Higgs Boson









customers to





served in fast-food chains.
Like hell they can. Been there, done that. Eating at any big chain is very expen$ive compared to eating your own cooking. BTDT. If other poor / cash strapped people choose to piss their income away that way, it is a different issue.

of those factors to their clients, but the price of good fruits and vegetables and meat/fish is often beyond their means. To wean people away from cheap (and ghastly) TV entertainment and/or computer games and into walking, biking, any form of outdoor exercise is VERY difficult..

More pure horseshit.

(those who bother to vote).*

and the rest of the world, and when we were still puffed up with the 1950's post WW II "white picket fence" prosperity. (At the price of many lives)

American psyche, since Day One, no longer cuts it in the days of international everything, from finance to food to weapons to travel to commerce to...

the people, not just make a buck and to hell with the environment. The few who try to run for office on a human being platform are drowned out by the gazillions spent by Our Corporate Masters and their funders.

Best Little Whorehouse in Washington. A few attempts are made to repatriate the ENORMOUS sums sequestered in foreign tax havens, but it's rough going.

the reality that, inter alia, SCOTUS has put the icing on the cake. This country is now for sale to the highest bidder.

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On 07/19/2014 08:34 AM, josephkk wrote:

Hi Josephkk,
Am there right now with this artificially prolonged "Great" recession. I'd go broke if I had to eat at those places all the time.
I have a test I call the "Burger King" test. If I can get the price of a meal with wholesome ingredients under 1/2 the price of eating at Burger King, then I have succeeded.
Higgs totally missed the point about prosperity and fat poor people. I first heard the phrase from an Indian (Asian) who used it to explain why he wanted to immigrate to America.
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