Problems with Dracaena marginata (dragon Tree)

Hi Everyone,
I have an 8 year old Dracaena marginata (Dragon Tree) which I re-potte back in April. It usually sits in a spot by the patio door in north-facing lounge. Within the last two months, the leaves are turnin yellow and dropping off the main stems on all three main prongs of th plant, it is still alive and making new growth from the tops but i continues to loose leaves from the bottom up at a daily rate.
I now feel a liitle alarmed at the situation as the plant looks rathe sickly now and is starting to look bare.
I have taken some actions, I felt the compost that it sits in was to wet, so I have avoided all watering for over 3 weeks now. I have als moved the plant next to a window in a south facing bedroom which i much warmer.
Can anyone suggest any other tips/ actions that might help as i' beginning to feel that this is the last resort and I will loose th plant altogther soon.
Thanks for your help in advance.
-- mbelcher68
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