New Book: "Mad Caps, Keef, Khat"-"Legal and shades of grey"

New Book: "Mad Caps, Keef, Khat"-"Legal and shades of grey"
The secret is research, capital, a network Friends, a good lawyer, luck, karma and ethics.
If you set a goal like me to raise $200,000 to Buy a house in the country, 100% off the grid, you can do it. Once you pay the house off, raise food and use solar energy You can retire early or work on spiritual stuff like rock climbing. I could be an asshole and deal coke or speed, but fuck that, do that and you will trip up. Never fuck with white powders.
I find 3 people work good, where only one person is growing weed at a time. It gets packaged through my exclusive system. Think about it. Tumble 10 pounds a month of weed. Which turns into about 1 pound of high? THC resin and oils. Compress this with 50% mixture of coconut hulls and some plastic resin. Mix with about 1 cup of 91% alcohol and 1 cup of water. Mix in large mill compress and turn into 'peat pots' or 'compressed pallets' These can easily be shipped anywhere you want, no one knows the better. On receiving end melt containers in hot water with acetone or coalman fuel, mixed with 50% water. Coconut will float to top with plastic, bottom your keef ready for rinse and mad into hash or honey oil.
1 pound of hash a month brought me $1,600 to $2,200 depending On quality, taste and quantity involved. There is some risk involved here, but it can be handled.
My book has 100 pages that will open your mind. They call me Mad Cap Mike cuz a pick Liberty Caps and have mad wizard skills. Make the cash then do only legal stuff. Right now I sell Khat Amphetamine caps just as fast as I import Khat from Canada. Woodrose seeds make LSA which is just one off from LSD, very nice high. You can import flowers with opium and psychedelic effects, all legal. **************************************************************************** My book "Mad Caps, Keef, Khat"-"Legal and shades of gray" has 100 pages and costs $50.00 cash only. (Xerox)
Mad Mike's Book PO box 53-A Willis, VA 24380
Disclaimer. This book only explains ideas and should be considered fiction. Use your head, if its illegal or in a gray area, get legal advice. I retained a lawyer and pay $200-400 year for advise, worth every penny. **************************************************************************** Peace out
Medicine made at home.
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