Indoor Peppers flowering..may need some advice.

My red savina habaneros began flowering about a week and a half ago and i've dropped them to 12/12 to start producing bounty. They are not in complete darkness but very dark. I have noticed they are very, very thirsty lately and wilt quite quickly. In my experience this is odd for this strain as they generally like the soil very dry. Because this is clearly indoors is it possible the humidity is just far too low for them due to heat pumping throughout the house?
Also I have been placing a fan near them to put strain on them to strengthen them overall. Is this a wise idea during flowering? Should I leave them alone?
I stopped misting them because it appears the leaves are burning..Does it make sense to put an open container of water in their area or even use a humidifier to keep them a little bit more used to their environs?
Finally, I bought some "premium vigoro" tomato and vegetable food (12-10-5) which is supposed to increase yield. Has anyone used this? Should I use it? I'd really love to get a great yield out of my plants this year. I am already using miracle grow soil and am a little nervous that i'm adding too much to the mix but I do want to give the peppers the best TLC I can imagine.
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