dying fescue lawn

About two weeks ago the lawn started dying adjacent to my house, and the die off has continued to extend outward and now extends 10-20 feet in every direction from the house. I have owned my home for 7 years and have never seen anything like this, nor has my lawn man, who doesn't think it's fungus or insects, but may possibly be a result of the chemicals used in June and July around the perimeter of my home to control millipedes and termites. The chemical treatments and dates were as follows. Not that these dates are over two months before the die off started. 6/10/04 - An exterminator sprayed Tempo SC around perimeter of house for millipedes, which were invading my basement office in huge numbers. 6/17/04 - Because Tempo SC only worked for a couple of days on the millipedes, I treated perimeter of house with Sevin-5 dust. 6/22/04 - Another exterminator treated house for termites (which were found in my house) with Termidor liquid. 7/2/004 - The millipedes returned, so I treated the perimeter of the house with Spectracide Triazicide granules per the instructions on the shaker can. I'm going to send soil samples to the state agriculture lab, though I don't know if these will be tested for possible toxicity resulting from the chemicals mentioned above. I would appreciate any theories or suggestions regarding the cause of my lawn problems, as well as what to do before reseeding this fall in order to increase the chances of survival.
Thank you.
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