Beta Grape Qs

Hey all,
I've got a section of fence in the back yard that's been neglected (just moved in) and we're looking to restore it to producing grapes.
2 of the 5 original vine plants are still alive but we're looking at pruning them all the way back and adding Beta vines in.
Anyone have any info on their growth habits? Do they tend to droop (and need trained high) or do they prefer to grow up (and need trained low on the supports)..
Also, in pruning Betas how far should they be pruned? Back to a 2-3' main stalk or down to ground level.
Just making sure since all the grape variants have different preferences on how to prune and train them. If done wrong it'll give a low yield and possibly harm the plant (for those who don't know that all grapes are not created equal).
I've decided in Beta for it's extreme hardiness and good use for table, juice and jams. Not interested in wine making at all. We're zone 6, Kentucky far south west corner.
If there's another variant that may do just as well in my area by all means make a suggestion of it, too. :)
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