Anyone tried "No Mow" or "Eco-Lawn" grass seed, for low maintenance lawn?

I'm not good about watering my lawn during the dry months here in Minnesota, so every July parts of my lawn die, I overseed again in the fall, and it does the same thing the next summer.
I've been reading up on the best grasses for northern climates that don't require much water, but are still hardy and look good. Seems the two best choices for an ultra low maintenance lawn would be:
* Eco-Lawn: (also the owner of this company wrote as interesting article about fescue lawns at )
* No Mow seed mix: 
Looks like they're both dwarf fine fescue mixes, which have roots over 9" tall allowing them to better withstand droughts, and it seems the key with these seed mixes is that they use "creeping" fescues to get rid of the usual patchy look of regular fescues that are used in traditional seed mixes.
However, these products sound too good to be true. Has anyone tried these or similar "low maintenance lawn" grass mixes, and how well do they work? Are these grasses more susceptible to more diseases? Do they have problems the manufacturers aren't telling us about? Or are these seed mixes really as great as advertised?
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