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Mantis 4 cycle Making metal on Metal sound
Hello Everyone, Im new to this group. Hope someone can help me. I left my Mantis 4 cycle tiller on its side in the back of the shed for about a month. The tiller starts up fine, no problem. When I...
1 month ago
Agapanthus , Sap causing itchy rash !
I didn't realise Agapanthas is rated as a highly poisonous had been planted 20 yes ago and not pruned It's over taken so I decided with good tips from a magazine how to prune back. No mention of being...
1 month ago 2
is this poison ivy?
John Ozz writes: That looks a little funny. I did a Google search for: 3 leaves not poison ivy Take a look at the picture at the top of the search results, looks a lot like your picture. Dan Espen...
1 month ago 4
Codyline Australis
Very young plant but stem in bending to one side! Can I stake it
2 months ago
Fake News [was: "You Should Never Pile Mulch Around A Tree In Your Yard"]
At Yahoo news, an article had the headline "You Should Never Pile Mulch Around A Tree In Your Yard". The article links to another one at Women's Health, but that one does not have the same headline...
2 months ago
Tomato plants with small, misshapen leaves
I have several tomato plants which are generally doing well. They are 5' tall in the northeast US. However, some of them have tiny, wrinkled leaves on the upper 2/3s of the plants, but the lower 1/3...
2 months ago 1
Canary Island Palm root ball
I have a 30 ft Canary Island Palm, 25 inch diameter main trunk at 2 ft from the ground. Main trunk is about 2 ft from a wall. it has not been maintained for years. Smaller trunks have come up all...
3 months ago 10
What kind of critter eats flowers?
Over the course of the last two weeks something has bitten off the stems of the flours on four different plants at about 4 to 8 inches and then bitten off and removed/eaten/dragged off the flowers...
3 months ago 3
Best gloves for thorny plants?
Any recommendations for a good, quality pair of gloves for pulling thistle, pruning thorny plants and such? Prefer elbow-length and full protection against the sharp buggers. I'm in northeastern U.S....
3 months ago 9
Re: Hand-powered chipper/shredder?
Would that be called a "blender"? lol If you have a rotary mower you canrun that over the cut up smaller bits and it chops and collects. ... in almost 30 years it is likely that whatever it was is...
3 months ago 2
please identify this lawn weed
I need to know the name of this lawn weed. If I know the name I can get rid of the weed effectively. This is a common lawn weed. It spreads as a creeper. Thanks. Bill S. It appears to be oxalis (O....
3 months ago 4
Alfalfa as a landscape plant
Just for fun I'm trying to propagate alfalfa as a landscape plant. There seem to be a few feral plants along roadsides that can stay green well into summer with no irrigation. The flowers aren't...
4 months ago 3
Plant ID please.
I bought this house plant in a supermarket and wondered if anyone could tell me what it is and also how to propergate it. :) attachmentid...
4 months ago 2
Critters eating leaves of Oakleaf Hydrangea
Hi Everyone, I have a young Oakleaf Hydrangea, and something is eating the leaves. Any recommendations at to an eco-friendly spray? Pictures can be seen here: I see no aphids or ants, but can't ID...
4 months ago 2
carpenter ant hole in my tree
I have a guava tree on which I been noticing dead branches. I finally went to investigate and noticed a huge hole when a branch must have broken off. The were a lot of dead tissue in the hole and...
5 months ago 1