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Rain dial irrigation system. Turn on manual and all I hear is clicking? Problem?
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1 month ago
swimming pool film on water surface
I Took on a house with an inground pool last year. Lately there?s a a kind of ?film? on the surface which I?ve been unable to clear after vacuuming the pool, backwashing/rinsing and evening putting a...
8 months ago
Hair cutting
Folk on FB laughed at me last week when I said that I was thinking about cutting my own hair. Well, I guess we?re all gonna be learning hairdressing skills now. Bought myself some clippers on line and...
10 months ago 2
Primus 632 Blowlamp Jet
I have a Primus 632 blowlamp that requires a new jet. Can anyone tell me where I can buy one, please?
10 months ago
My alarm system was in my home when I purchased it, it's a first alert fC215 panal , I never had any problem with it whatsoever until a wind storm knocked out the power for 4 hours ,.... Now every 4...
11 months ago 1
wiring a basement
I am finishing by basement. There is a half to three quarter inch space between the studs and the concrete wall. We thought this would be a great place to run the wires. I know the wire must be...
1 year ago 1
Question for Dremel users
I own a 4000 and have a fair few of their Speedclic tools and there seems to be no decent way of storing them in a decent case/holder. Other Dremel users how do you keep your discs in a nice order?...
1 year ago
3M dust mask
Hello, I'd like to know if anybody has recent experience of the 3M 6000 series masks which seem to require several parts to make them usable. I'm after a good dust prevention mask to work in a filthy...
1 year ago 3
Hi, I am having trouble getting my 1200 model Rain Dial to work, changed the battery, set the time but could not change it from PM to AM watering, even tried to run a test, but couldn't. PLEASE HELP! Also, a red wire has been severed. I do have a manual t
Although a red wire has been severed the controller box is operable, I am able to program the box to an extent. Google tells me the manuals are available online, and there are people who will repair...
1 year ago 1
untreated pergola needs quick save!
My ex-husband built a large pergola over our patio with untreated (pine?) wood. He was about to finish it and then we divorced. I got the house, so he refused to help or share his plan. 2 years later,...
1 year ago 3
Hot mopping
I recently got my upstairs shower hot mopped about a week ago. Redoing our master bathroom. Because the master bathroom is in my room I can?t seem to get the hot mop smell out of my room. I?m going...
1 year ago
my nutone bathroom model 9905-r02
my nutone bathroom model 9905-r02 also has a heating element. When the heating element is used, it does blow hot for a minute or two and then blows the circuit breaker. I replaced the heating element...
2 years ago
Lintel loading and size
I need to calculate the loads on a lintel for a 2 m opening in a 10" ( brick+ cavity+ 100mm block ) ground floor gable wall through to a sunroom at the side. The opening will start about 1.2 m from...
2 years ago 1
converting attic
Looking at coverting an attic to living space that has full oak 2 by 6 as floor/ ceiling of lower space with a 16 foot span. Just mainly want to put mattresses on floor and clothes up there. Was...
2 years ago
Update/Improve Old Tiled Corner in Livingroom (images included)
I need ideas, tips or advice on how to spruce up this corner in our livingroom. If you look at the pictures, we now have a little stove in place of what used to be the old open fire, which used the...
2 years ago